Credit Valley Conservation

Ecological Restoration (Credit Valley Conservation)

Flower Database (when to plant info.)

Gardening Database (within categories)

Map of Nurseries in Ontario (compiled by Halton Master Gardeners)

Missouri Botanical Gardens Plant Finder

Online Gardener's Handbook 2010 (OMAFRA)

Plant Hardiness Zones .pdf file (Government of Canada 2014)

Plant Library (Connon Nursery)

USDA Plant Database (searchable by plant name or state/province)

Wikipedia - Glossary of botanical terms

Bee City Resources (Bee City Canada)

Bee Friendly Garden (David Suzuki)

Beneficial Insects (Credit Valley Conservation)

Bird Gardens (Credit Valley Conservation)

Butterfly Gardens (Credit Valley Conservation)

Butterfly Larval Host Plant List (Penn State)

The Butterflies of Ontario (Ontario Butterflies)

Garden Habitat Certification (Canadian Wildlife Federation)

Halton Region Butterfly and Host Plant List (.pdf)

Larval Shrubs and Trees (Bee Sweet)

Native Butterfly Host and Nectar Plants (Carolinian Canada)

Pollinator Health (OMAFRA)

Planning your Butterfly Garden (Halton Master Gardeners)

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

ONFruit (Timely updates for commercial growers useful to home gardeners)

ONVegetables (Timely updates for commercial growers useful to home gardeners)

Halton Master Gardeners
Follow this great blog with timely insights into things gardening.

Peterborough & Area MGs Latest Posts
Great selection of gardening posts with pertinent information for enthusiasts and those interested in climate and the environment. Their tag line is “sharing gardening knowledge with our community” and this blog is doing that very well. A must follow.

Toronto Gardens
Master Gardener Helen Battersby and sister Sarah Battersby come from long lines of English gardeners. Both gardeners blog on Toronto gardens, but poke their green noses into growing spaces all over the city. Real gardens, real people.

Caring for Your New Tree or Shrub (Credit Valley Conservation)

Healthy Lawns (Landscape Ontario)

Healthy Lawns Canada

Lawn Care (OMAFRA)

Complete Guide to Building and Maintaining a Rain Garden (Toronto Region Conservation)

Rain Gardens (Credit Valley Conservation)

Rainwater Harvesting (Credit Valley Conservation)

Hawthorne Farm Organic Seeds in Palmerston ON

Matchbook Garden & Seed Company in Caledonia ON

Stokes Seeds in Thorold ON

Urban Harvest in Toronto ON

Veseys Seeds in PEI

Wildflower Farms in Coldwater ON

William Dam Seeds in Dundas, ON

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