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Do you love plants and talking about gardening?

Would you like to expand your gardening knowledge in a supportive environment?

Become a Master Gardener and share your passion for growing!

How Can I Become a Master Gardener (MG)?
All Master Gardeners in Ontario must belong to a local MG group. Most Master Gardener groups across the province have information about joining directly on their website.

You can contact a local group directly or fill out the online form below and we will forward your request to the group coordinator who is nearest to your location.

Once you make contact, arrange to attend a meeting and meet members. Some groups accept members year round, while other groups have a specified time of year when members can join.

Need more information?

​​Watch this 10 minute video​ about Master Gardeners​

​Got more questions? Download our Frequently Asked Questions in .pdf format:

Frequently Asked Questions About Master Gardeners

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Become MG Image courtesy: Holly Rupert