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MGOI Reference Manual

This gardening manual, which provides the advanced gardener with a broad range of gardening information, was produced by the Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc. Many thanks are owed to the Maryland Master Gardeners as well the Home and Garden Information Center, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service for allowing us to use and adapt their Handbook. Many individuals have contributed their time to the production of this document. The first version of this manual was created in 1999 by many members of the Education Committee, led at the time by Lenore Ross; their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Staff at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) initiated this effort and provided administrative and computer support throughout the 1999 version of the project. Without their help we would not have this resource. For reasons that are not clear, the document was not distributed at that time and remained lost until one hard copy recently surfaced. The present Education Committee has taken on the task of updating and distributing a new version of the original document. This is a first published edition of the Reference Manual for Ontario Master Gardeners Manual and although much care has been taken to ensure accuracy and consistency, there will be errors and omissions. If you discover errors or have any general comments, please forward these to the Education Committee through the Board of Directors at

i MGOI Reference Manual 'Table of Contents': Open the Manual, click on a heading in the Table and immediately be taken to the chosen subject area.

MGOI Reference Manual Second Edition (revised Jan 2014; pdf 6620 KB)